11 Ridiculous Things Cheaters Say When Confronted

If you believe you’re overthinking about your other half cheating and going extremely psycho over your insecurities, then this is a sign to remind you that you are perfect just the way you are and that people can sometimes be absolute pieces of shit.

In today’s world, everyone knows someone who has cheated or someone who has been cheated on. Unfortunately, love has now just become a mere game that two hearts play with each other, where the one to unlock the pathetic things cheaters say when confronted level first is said to be the loser. Whereas in reality, nobody wins. This happens so frequently that it looks like “true love” only exists in our movies and TV shows.

Why do people cheat?

It’s tough to understand why anyone would cheat. What does cheating even lead to? A breakup?! There’s just one major rule in a relationship, i.e., break it off if you aren’t in love anymore!!! Sadly, several human beings find it difficult to abide by such simple rules of love. Really, how much of a wuss does one have to be to not be able to walk out from a relationship when they’ve fallen out of love? Leading psychiatrists might tell you that the ones who cheat are usually insecure narcissists who crave validation. By this, what they want to convey is that no cheater is worth your tears.

A cheater’s antics

The one’s being cheated on is usually too blinded by love to notice the guaranteed cheating signs. They can not, even in their wildest dreams, imagine that their partner would cheat on them! I’m not saying one has to be possessive, but one must be rational enough to separate the lies from their partner’s version of truths.

While approached, cheaters tend to straight-up call all the accusations false. Although, all hell raises when the solid proof is presented in front of them. Their brain somehow manages to come up with the worst possible explanation for their behavior.

Here are a few  “WTF” things cheaters say when confronted:

1. “I was drunk”

drunk partner cheating on me

Beginning with the classic, “I was drunk” is the most infamous reason that has been given by several over time. Sadly, for the alcohol loving cheaters, this reason doesn’t age like fine wine. Yes, it’s true that alcohol influences one to do things that he would otherwise typically hesitate to do while being conscious. But, it’s also true that alcohol only influences actions that you’re consciously thinking of. To blatantly explain it, let’s say you walk into a bar and see a hot human. Now you love your partner but are actively debating if you must go over and flirt. You make up your mind to go over and flirt but are constantly drowning in guilt as you engage in the act. While alcohol just helps you do the same without making you feel guilty at that moment.

If anyone ever tries to pull an “I was drunk” on you, remember that they are just blaming alcohol for making it fun.

2. “I don’t know”

man cheating and arguing

“I don’t know” has been the literal vibe for this year, but cheaters have been vibing with it longer. Cheaters’ behavior pattern provides insight into the “I don’t know”. The “I don’t know” kind usually seem distant before they indulge in any kind of act. It begins with them just not seeming to be that invested in you anymore. Of course, the honeymoon period doesn’t last for long, but these people just don’t seem to have time for you anymore. Once they get the hinge that you are doubtful, they start being all extra and do over the top things for you. And all of a sudden, you find them cheating, and the only reaction they have to that is “I don’t know”. It’s not that they don’t know. They do know. They just don’t know what’s going to be the most pleasing response. The kind of response that won’t take you away from them. Chances of you being in an “I don’t know” phase for them could be a possibility too. Usually, they are just bored or have some serious personal issues to work on. Many try to victimize themselves by saying things like I don’t know why I did that, I’m not alright, I’m terrible, sorry. Don’t fall for it, sis!

3. “You don’t turn me on anymore now”

sexually unsatisfied man cheating

Oh, the harsh things cheaters say when confronted!

Lust is usually the cause of cheating. People tend to cheat when their sexual desires aren’t fulfilled or when their sexual needs aren’t met with. Let’s be open-minded here; it’s completely understandable that one may just not be into your type of sex. A compromise would be the solution, but for how long can one fake it?! Also, no matter how we try to spread the “all sizes matter” agenda, people will always have preferences. It’s the harsh reality of the world. It seems extremely brutal and selfish, but a need is a need. Just kidding. If this was the case and the human loves you, he/she would talk to you about it. Maybe suggest trying out each other’s kinks, roleplay, etc.

A few weeks ago, a post went viral on Facebook. A man posted a before and after picture of his wife, which were taken around 5 years apart. In these 5 years, the woman had birthed 3 kids, and her body had changed drastically. The man captions his post, “I’m thinking of getting a divorce; she was so hot when we got married; she just doesn’t turn me on anymore.” This is a true example of selfishness and also one of the many reasons why men cheatRelationships are a balance of love and lust, I agree, but if lust is coming between love, then you may want to re-evaluate yourself.

4. Why are you always so insecure?

cheating man giving explanations

People usually say this to cover up signs of cheaters’ guilt. Trying to act innocent, cheaters may attempt to make you question yourself. You might even pause for a while and wonder if you’re just overreacting, and maybe it’s not big of a deal. But, you have every right to be pissed and confront your partner about their behavior. Your emotions are valid even if they make you feel otherwise. 

Cheaters usually say this when they are caught flirting with someone. They try to cover up their mistakes by accusing you of being too insecure when talking to someone of a different gender. Few might even say things like, “I won’t stop you from talking to others.”While it’s toxic to control your partner as to whom they interact with, you have every right to ask them to cut ties with someone when you feel something’s fishy.

5. He/she’s just a friend

man cheating on with a friend

You must be quite familiar with the cliched “just a friend* reaction. Your partner can have friends who are of the opposite sex. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some of them could be genuine friends. However, the possibility of friends turning into friends with benefits are extremely high. If you feel like something romantic is stirring up between your partner and his “friend,” refrain from commenting anything about it until you have solid proof. Your doubts could emerge from how your partner acts around their “friend,” or you must have read a rather over-friendly text on their phone.

In such cases, your partner will advocate their relationship as just a healthy friendship to justify their actions. Finding proof could be tricky but look closely at the way they behave around their friend. If you don’t appreciate the behavior, talk to your partner about it, and if they get extra defensive, they are probably having an affair. You can’t expect them to spill the truth right away as cheaters don’t admit it even when caught.

6. You are always working

man cheating on his wife

Life, in general, is very hectic. Work just adds to your stress. But you gotta do what you gotta do to keep that money coming! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your cheating partners could raise some real concerns while trying to convince you with this response. Nobody likes a spouse who spends more time at work than at home. The wife has suddenly accepted your routine and doesn’t nag about you not having time for her anymore? Does she seem distant? All of this could be signs of a cheating wife.

People tend to cheat in these cases to feel both emotional and physical intimacy. People flock away to those who give them attention.

Cheaters may also misuse your hectic work schedule to cheat rather extravagantly even though you’ve been the best to them. Just so difficult to figure out why people cheat.

7. I thought it was you

cheating on twins

While this could be an apt reason someone might give for cheating with your twin, we aren’t talking about it. Social media has introduced several platforms for people to cheat on their partners with strangers. They’ve become creative. While people might not physically cheat online, the exchange of flirty texts and nudes is considered cheating too. People have started making fake profiles to catfish their partners and test if they cheat on them. Sometimes people make their friends fake flirt with their partner just to put them under a loyalty test. While these measures seem extreme with the number of fake lovers globally, we understand why someone would go down this road. However, 80% of the population flirts with strangers online while being involved with someone in reality. They call it an escape from reality. 

Let me tell you about my friend Steve. Steve cheated on his girlfriend online by exchanging raunchy pictures and texts with a woman he met online. Steve’s girlfriend soon found out and left him. However, Steve, to this date, is hellbound that it was her posing as someone else. Imagine the fury Steve’s girlfriend might have faced.

You don’t have to snoop on your boo’s phone now and then. Just lookout for a cheating man’s typical characteristics; he may suddenly become less intimate with you. Spend way too much time on his devices than he used to.

8. Are you cheating on me

cheater blaming partner

Cheaters game shifting is the oldest trick in the book of “how to get away with cheating.”They accuse you to defend themselves. Good manipulators will turn the table just in a matter of seconds. One minute you are proving that they cheated; the next minute, you’re sobbing and apologizing to them for something you didn’t do. Pride is what they love, and they might stoop to any level to see to it that it’s not harmed. If anyone ever tries to accuse you while you are trying to talk to them about their cheating habits, just leave. You’ve got better things to do than listen to things cheaters say when confronted.

9. I was horny

man explaining why he cheated

This is probably one of the lamest things cheaters say when confronted. Long-distance couples strive to make their relationship work against all the odds. Even if you love each other unconditionally, the distance will take its toll. As humans, all of us crave physical intimacy. Unfortunately, some crave for it more than others and end up cheating on their partners to satisfy their selfish needs. Even if you understand why your partner could have done, so it doesn’t mean that you have to forgive them. Put yourself first.

There are several things your partner could do to satisfy themselves without cheating on you. For instance, sexting you or just watching some porn. However, if someone can’t live without physical intimacy, they might as well have an addiction. Even in such a case, it’s alright to walk out of the relationship if you aren’t comfortable with their “coping mechanisms” Usually, couples who are in a long-distance relationship try being in an open relationship for the sake of physical intimacy. The success rate of such an arrangement is, however, not high. Such relationships usually get ruined by jealousy.

10. Our families wouldn’t agree anyway

indian man cheating

This is a typical response given by desi cheaters. It’s the perfect little white lie. As the degree of truth almost makes it reasonable. If you are familiar with the Indian dating norms, you might know that parents’ approval is a big deal. No matter whom you are dating and how much you love them, you simply can’t continue the relationship if your family doesn’t like them. Many people have been using this to their benefit to get away with cheating on their partner. The moral radar of a few people is so low it’s heartbreaking. Tales of people using their partners for physical benefits by faking love is not unknown to the world.

11. It’s all in the past now

man trying to explain his angry girl

And for the finale! One of the most pathetic things cheaters say when confronted! Every cheater, and I mean every single one of them, regardless of the reason, says, “It’s all in the past.” It’s their poor attempt to gain a clean chit from you asap.

Cheaters say this to make you believe that it’s “never” going to happen again or that they are trying to change. Their weak apology may seem very convincing but do not at any cost fall for it because they will probably do it multiple times before being able to muster the courage to break up with you.

Relationships require a 50/50 effort. You might forgive them for cheating after they plead and promise to change their ways. Let them back into your life only if you’re sure that they’re 100% genuine. And if they keep repeating this, then let them go for good. Else, you’ll get bored listening to the things cheaters say when confronted.