15 Epic Ideas on How to Become a Better Girlfriend

Let’s admit that we want to become the best version of ourselves in front of the people we love. It is even more desirous when the matter comes to life-partner or the person we are dating. All the women want to become a better girlfriend to the person she loves. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make your man realize that you are the best choice of his life. Now, if you stick to the article for the next couple of minutes, you will get an idea of what I’m trying to say. You will also get some tips on how to become a better girlfriend.

So, here are 15 epic ideas on how to become a better girlfriend:

1. Inspire him to do better


You cannot be a better girlfriend in the eyes of your man no matter how much you try if he is not a good man himself. And the best thing you can do for the man you love is to inspire him to be a better person. But you cannot force a grown-up person to become the best version of himself. All you can do is become a role-model, practice the virtues you preach. Also, achieve all the success in life you want him to achieve. It will set an example of why he should follow you.

2. Listen to him in need

how to become a better girlfriend

Listening to your partner is one of the most important things you can do. If you listen to him, you can address all his sorrows, worries, & tensions. Even if you cannot solve the issues he deals with, at least you can lend a shoulder where he can rest upon on his bad days. Plus, if both of you come across any problems in your relationship & he has a lot to complain about things, you will understand what is going on in his mind. Listening to your partner can give your relationship a push sometimes. It will also give you an insight on how to become a better girlfriend.

3. Appreciate him when he is right

girl appreciating boyfriend

Every man wants his partner to acknowledge him for what he provides. Your man is no exception. And not only inspiring him but also appreciating him once in a while will encourage him to do better in life. Appreciate him when you understand his intentions are right or he is doing a selfless good deed. Even when he makes a small effort for you, you must acknowledge it to make him feel like a winner. He will gain interest in making future efforts for you without any worry.

4. Criticize him when he is wrong

girl criticizing her boyfriend

Okay, so every person has flaws, they make mistakes, they are wrong sometimes. And your partner does these too. You cannot make the best out of any person without a little criticism for his mistakes. You cannot make lovey-dovey comments always irrespective of his deeds. It is necessary to show your partner the right path when he is wrong, and it will make him a better person in life.

5. Pass compliment once in a while

girl and boy on a date

Giving compliments sometimes will make him feel valued & appreciated. Who doesn’t like to hear that he is looking good? Pass compliment like the shirt is looking good on him and he smells nice today. These will not only make him feel special but also boost up his confidence in no time. Do not just focus on how to become a better girlfriend instead focus on how to become a partner who encourages her significant other.

6. Be his best-friend first

friendly couple

Okay, I know that it is quite impossible to become the best buddy to your man. Men are not likely to let go of the bromance. But you don’t have to fill any shoes to become a better girlfriend. You can start from where you are. Relationship experts say that friendship is the foundation stone of a relationship. If you become a friend to your man and become the go-to person in any issue, the relationship will reach a new height.

7. Earn the respect

girl and boy bumping fists

Respect is something you cannot ask someone to give you but you have to earn it. If you stand with your principles, show what you want from life, treat others well, you will earn respect. Having a strong personality & belief will also solidify your character in his eyes. Start inspiring him by being a role model yourself. Start achieving the things you want him to achieve in life, and he will start respecting & following you for your achievements.

8. Give him the gift of loyalty

loyal boyfriend and girlfriend

No relationship cannot stand the test of time without loyalty between partners. The best gift you can give to your partner is giving him the gift of loyalty, and it doesn’t mean that you cannot hang out with your male friends. But assure him that there is nothing to worry about anything. Do not attempt any foul play, like making him jealous to get his attention. These attempts can only turn things worse and make the relationship bitter. So, you have to avoid such situations to make the relationship stronger.

9. Give him some ‘me’ time

man enjoying me time

Everyone should have his ‘me’ time. You must give him space and freedom to make him a better person. You have to keep in mind that he is an individual before he is your boyfriend. This realization makes the whole thing easier. He can channelize his thoughts into a good thing during this time. He can also cultivate his long-lost hobby. It will turn him into a better person as a whole. Plus, he will get some time to appreciate you and the relationship while alone.

10. Understand his constraints

girl understanding her man

If you want to become a better partner, you must start understanding him. There will be several times when he may not keep his meager promises. Like, taking you on a dinner date, gifting you something you have been longing for a while. But you have to understand his situation and constraints. He may have time-constraint, financial-constraints. You should not go overboard with emotion while addressing such sensitive issues. Understanding him will make the situation better for you and for him too. Plus, who knows he might tell you how to become a better girlfriend.

11. Spoil him often

romantic dinner date

Did I hear this is a man’s job? That will be a firm NO! In today’s era, there are no gender-specific stereotypical deeds left between couples. So, do not be shy to take him on dinner dates once in a while. Don’t stop yourself from splurging a little for him. Buy that suit you think he will look good wearing on. Indulge in a few of his favorite games or cologne. Gift him some flowers on special occasions. Buy some snacks when he is dealing with work-stress & anxiety. In short, do not hold yourself back from spoiling him. After all, men deserve these pamperings too.

12. Give priority to communication

couple online dating

Do you know how long-distance relationships endure the storms upon them? Can you guess what makes long-term relationships stand through the test of time? It is nothing but communication. Communication is the key. After a long tiring day, a lot of couples forget to text each other back. It is a big no! Communicate every day with your partner to make the relationship stronger & better. And, communication doesn’t always mean that you should ask about the menu of lunch & dinner. Talk about real things, the dreams, the hopes, the likes & dislikes. In this way, you will know each other a lot better with time.

13. Share his hobbies sometimes

couple playing video games

Sharing the things he likes doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself & adapt to his hobbies. You can give his hobbies a little try sometimes to make him feel better. Like, if he is an avid video game lover, try playing a round or two with him sometimes. If he likes debating about economic scenario & political conflict, give it a try. It will make him feel that you also have a little knowledge. Plus, cherishing the hobbies of others will expose you to a new world. It will also engage you to explore many other things apart from your likings.

14. Be supportive when needed

couple holding hands

Every person looks for a partner to fulfill his emotional needs. One of the emotional needs he wants his partner to fulfill is to be supportive. You should not focus on how to become a better girlfriend initially, instead focus on how you can be supportive of him. One of the emotional needs he wants his partner to fulfill is to be supportive. He may have his bad days when he will need someone to show him support. And he might expect you to be supportive on those days. After all, that’s what partners are for & it is not too much to ask, right?

15. Trust is the key

man trusting his girl

Keep the trust alive, no matter what. A relationship without trust is nothing & it has no future. Trust him when he says there is nothing to worry about anything. Do not drag any conclusions when he goes out with his female friends or colleagues. Stop checking his phones to find out things you have been cooking up in your head without any reason. Trusting him will solidify the relationship. Also, it will make you a secure person in his eyes.

As we know, every relationship is different. Also, every person is different than the other. The article is a general perception. But nobody knows your man better than you. Once you figure out what he likes what he doesn’t, it will be easier for you to figure out how to become a better girlfriend for your partner.