21 Undeniable Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Ever had a male friend who’s been there for you through all the ups and downs of life and is just this little wholesome creature in your life keeping you happy without any strings attached? Notice how everyone around you is under the impression that the two of you are dating and are hell-bound that this man you call your friend has a massive crush on you. But you choose to ignore the signs your male friend has feelings for you, don’t you? I’m not saying that every friendship has a one-sided lover waiting to get out of his/her cage, but it’s a huge “What if” that you can’t ignore forever.

With all due respect to the women out there, no matter how smart and accomplished we are, we miraculously turn dumb headed when it comes to taking hints, especially from someone we see as a friend. Like sis, I know you can solve complex maths equations in minutes but can’t for the life of you identify and acknowledge signs that a guy friend likes you romantically. But you’re a lucky little brat because you’ve found this article which will hopefully help you open your eyes and see things as it is.

Here are 21 signs your male friend has feelings for you:

1. He’s always keen to know more about you

man listening to woman

Let’s be completely practical, men mostly only care about food and video games and may occasionally show interest in the weather, but that’s only because it’s coming in the way of their sporting plans. When a male voluntarily tries his best to learn more about you day by day, he is 100% interested in becoming more than friends with you. When I say he shall attempt to know more about you, I don’t mean he’s going to extract information about you in a creepy stalkerish way. Instead, he’s going to seem more interested in your likes and dislikes and shall try to unfold your story. If he’s interested in listening to the tales your scars have to say, wants to know if you had a good night’s sleep, or is simply interested in learning how your day was, these are signs he likes you more than you think.

2. Showers you with compliments

man complementing woman

Since your male friend wouldn’t want to scare you away by beginning to blatantly flirt with you all of a sudden he might subtly start throwing hints by complimenting you often. Compliments could be about your new dress, your shoes or he might say things like “You look cute today” or hits you up with a “You brightened my day”. It is just your guy friend’s weird, subtle way of letting you know that he’s falling for you.

3. Finds excuses to talk to you

man talking to woman

One of the significant signs your male friend has feelings for you is when he’ll try to find any reason, no matter how silly to talk to you. He might call you up and request you to pass on information to a friend whom he could have contacted himself, but chose not to. You could be in a room filled with people, but he’ll be interested in conversing with you.

4. Tries to find “alone time” with you

signs your male friend has feelings for you

Your guy friend will try to kidnap you away from your friends’ group if he’s interested in you romantically. He’s going to attempt to get you to hang out with him alone every now and then with the hope of gaining privacy to get to know you better and will strive to muster up some courage to come clean to you about his feelings. Soon you find yourself hanging out with him more often than the rest of your friends, and once you take notice of this you’re going to wonder,” Is he just a friend or is he interested”. 

5. He rarely mentions another girl

man admiring his girl

Guy friends usually can’t stop gushing over other females. But when a man is trying to take your friendship to the different level, he’d be caught dead if he even uttered something about another girl to you. Someone who wants to be invested in you romantically will never talk to you about his dates or even call another woman pretty in front of you. He’ll try his best not to jeopardize his possible relationship with you. So if you think your guy friend has suddenly stopped showing interest in women, it’s probably a sign your male friend has feelings for you.

6. Texts you day and night

man texting hsi girl

When a guy is into you, he’s going to try his best to be your first good morning and the last good night. Hence he’s going to send you several texts throughout the day no matter how busy he is. He could text you the most random things to keep the conversation going. Keep track of the number of times he has mentioned your name or nickname while texting you because when a guy includes your name in a text, he’s trying to create a feeling of intimacy between you to draw you closer to him.

7. Can’t keep his hands to himself

man hugging his girl

Not talking about the inappropriate touching here, that would mean he’s a perv! If your friend’s interested in you and wants to make you aware of it, he will touch you playfully. For instance, he doesn’t let go of a hug or a handshake first. He might keep poking you or pinching your arm to get your attention. Yes, what we find annoying is just their way of expressing love.

8. Notices every small detail

man giving compliments to a girl

If he’s into you, he will notice the smallest details about you and acknowledge them. He might compliment your new hair cut, or if he really really adores you he might tune it up a notch and take notice of your fake smile while your having a rough day and will offer you a shoulder to cry on. If he does the latter, it’s an undeniable sign that he likes you.

9. Will make time for you

boy and girl enjoying

If you hit him up for something important or simply out of boredom, no matter how busy he is, he’s going to drop everything just to reply or meet you. He’ll never give up on a chance to hang out with you. He might cancel plans for you but will never cancel on you. Try not to turn a blind eye on this one, because if you take someone like this for granted, you might end up regretting your whole life.

10. He’s always smiling when you’re around

You must have noticed that people tend to smile a lot around the people whom they’re crushing on. You might even catch him smiling at you for no reason at all.

11. Tries his best to help you

If he’s trying to ruin your friendship and be lovers instead, he’s going to do everything in his capacity to help you. Need a pen? He’ll give you his only pen. Need a ride home? He’s got ya! Although this may sound like the things that only exist in Hallmark movies, these are indeed signs your male friend has feelings for you.

12. He gets jealous easily

If your friend is romantically interested in you, he’s going to feel a little bit jealous every time you mention a different guy’s name! Now, how do you know he’s jealous? It’s simple; he’s going to ask you several questions about this other male every time you mention his name and will always follow it with a statement demeaning or trolling the other guy. If he’s on high alert every time you casually mention another guy’s name, it’s most probably a sign your male friend has feelings for you.

13. He’s always buying things for you

man and woman shopping

I don’t intend to shove the age-old misogynistic belief of men spending cash on women, but if he likes you, he will bring you little gifts. Men can sometimes behave like cats; they get you small gifts to appreciate your existence. He might bring you your favourite food or even flowers, basically anything that he believes would make you happy.

14. Actively responds to you on social media

man stalking his crush

Let’s be honest; nobody really cares about your social media unless they hate you or have a crush on you. If your male friend is always responding to your stories, posts, lives, etc. he’s probably digging you! But you wouldn’t probably overthink of it and proceed to ignore the signs your male friend has feelings for you.

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15. Weirdly interested in your dating life

man interested in girl

You share this unique bond with your male friend, he’s your safe place, and he’s yours. He wouldn’t want to jeopardize this wonderful friendship by making a move on you when you’re seeing someone else. He’s always asking you questions about your dating life and may even tease you by jokingly suggesting you to date him, in case you remain single for too long.

16. Remembers important days

man memorizing old moments

Your male friend remembers important days like the day you met, your birthday, sometimes even your pet’s birthday! He spares no effort to make these special days memorable for you. It is one of the significant signs your male friend has feelings for you! Why? Because someone who’s “just a friend” won’t go to such extents just to put a smile on your face.

17. Opens up to you

man sharing secrets with woman

He doesn’t shy away from discussing personal issues with you. He feels safe to disclose his dark past and insecurities to you. He confides in you like you’re his secret diary hoping that one day you’ll acknowledge the signs your male friend has feelings for you. Because honestly, if he just saw you as a casual friend, he wouldn’t spend his time ranting to you.

18. Is an amazing listener

man listening to woman

Men have a reputation for being one of the worst listeners. Some would even say that walls make better listeners than men. But if your guy friend’s romantically interested in you, he’s going to be all ears while conversing with you. He’s not going to be preoccupied on his phone and use you like background music while he goes about scrolling over social media. He’s going to pay complete attention to you like you’re the centre of your universe.

19. Always maintains eye contact

man and woman maintaining eye contact

If he’s into you, he’s going to look into your eyes every time you speak, monitoring each move of yours. You might often find him getting lost in your eyes and cant fight the goosebumps he gives you by doing so. You gotta put a rest to these apparent signs your male friend has feelings for you. Because if all he wants do is stare at your eyes all day, then it’s pretty clear that he’s already” wifed” you up in his mind.

20. He’s the perfect gentleman

girl cheering his man

He tries to put a smile on your face by doing things that most men wouldn’t simply do for you. He opens the door for you, pulls out a chair for you, carries your baggage for you; he’ll even lend you his jacket just to keep you warm. Oooh, girl if he gives you his coat you gotta know that he’s trying to give you his heart too! These are unmissable signs your male friend has feelings for you.

21. Just wants to make you happy

happy couple

The only goal this guy has is to make you happy, and he’ll do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face. He’ll try to make you laugh constantly just because he finds your laugh cool. He doesn’t care who’s around when he’s being a dork around you to lighten up your mood. This type of behaviour indicates that he’s trying to flirt with you.

Moving from the friendzone to the endzone can be tricky for both of you. Don’t make any romantic advances towards your friend unless you’re a 100% sure that he’s into you. It will be hella embarrassing for both of you if things go south. Could even harm your friendship. Assess everything with a clear mind before deciding to confront him about your feelings. And if you don’t feel the same way about him, please let him down slowly