How To Eat A Girl Out: 16 Amazing Things What “SHE” Wants

Like being licked like a lollipop but having trouble eating her up like a jelly cup? Wondering how to eat a girl out right? Oral sex may be tricky since it’s not a wham-bham; thank you ma’am kind of affair. It requires patience, skills, or, as Ross from friends would call it, Unagi. When you’re eating her out, your tongue’s playing with her nerves and sensitive muscle; you require precision and the ability to hold your breath. Most men aren’t into eating out women since it doesn’t bring much pleasure to them. While I’m not forcing or judging, eating her out could be fun for you, too, if you do it right.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why waste time with the tongue when you could penetrate and have more fun instead? Playing with her genitals with your tongue is crucial as it helps her get started and sometimes is the only thing that makes her orgasm. Women are into foreplay, and it usually takes them more time to finish. Hence you have to master the art of eating her out if you want to make her scream and tremble for you.

Pleasure mechanics will work even better when you master the timing. Most men are confused as to when to eat a pussy out. Should it be a ritual before actual penetration? Should you do it after to give her a mesmerizing climax? Is it hygienic to eat her after cuming in her? While every woman has her preferences, eating her out before penetration will help you put her into the mood and lubricate the vagina.

It would be stupid to assume that it’s a requirement. Still, such foreplay could help you penetrate easier and make it more enjoyable for her since penetrating a dry vagina could be painful for the woman. Few women can’t get wet through some over the clothes action; you’ll have to lick her and finger her to soak her completely. 

This being said, some people enjoy being eaten out after you’ve done the deed. Both the parties involved enjoy it as it increases intimacy. Many couples love to share semen. Eating your partner out right after cuming in her is the hottest way of doing it. It may sound unhygienic and gross to some, but it’s completely safe to eat your semen. Even vaginal fluids, for that matter, are completely healthy as they contain probiotics which we find in yogurts or kombuchas. Be a little daring and try it out before jumping to conclusions. Experimenting makes the act more adventurous, and who knows, you might end up loving it!

To figure out the timing, discuss with your partner and try to understand what they’d prefer. Else surprise them and see how they react to it. Women are vulnerable when you eat them out. They have no clue what you’re about to do and are often worried about how you feel about their pelvic region, and If you play your cards right, she’ll be head over heels for you in no time.

Here’s how you can use your tongue to love her body and make her legs tremble truly:

1. Don’t head to the clitoris straight away

Take your own sweet time to reach the clitoris. It would help if you took it slow and steady while making your way to her clitoris. Kiss and or lick her from her neck through her belly, down to her pelvic region, and voila, you’ve reached.

Probably the best journey you’ve ever had. This helps to increase her excitement and lets her know how badly you are craving for her. You could even try to maintain eye contact with her to increase intimacy. Also, don’t forget to tease her inner thigh with your kisses.

2. Find the clit

If you’re wondering how to eat a girl out and have no idea where to find the clit in the first place, then please sit down, relax and take some notes because you need to read this. Finding the clit is crucial as playing with it could stimulate an orgasm. Let’s say your partner is lying on the bed, and you’re staring right at her vagina.

The area that’s right on your face is called the vulva, and the clitoris is placed at 12 o’clock from the vulva. Now the clit’s a lil sneaky, so it’s covered under a hood which you’d be able to spot easily. Keep in mind that clit is a really sensitive area and could do wonders if handled correctly. The size of the clit varies from woman to woman, just like the size of a penis.

3. Use your entire face

Eating her out doesn’t mean only licking her with your tongue. Shove your face in her vaginal area gently and make out with it just like you would make out with a mouth, indulge your face entirely into it. Let your entire face be covered with her full bliss fluids! You could even try fingering her as you make use of your tongue to pleasure her clitoris. This move easily arouses many women.

4. Lick her clit

Make the best use of your tongue to pleasure her by moving it up and down her clitoris, licking every inch of it. Begin slow and pick up the pace as you feel and hear positive responses. Try to roll your tongue in her pussy to make it more pleasurable for her.

5. Let her know that you’re enjoying it

Women can be as insecure as you when you’re going down on them. A million things run through their head. While your busy thinking about how to eat a girl out, she’s wondering if she smells bad down there or if she should have shaved a bit more.

Thus, you have to take it upon you to make her feel comfortable by letting her know that you love her vagina and enjoy doing bad things to it. How do you let her know you are having the tie of your life? Just by letting her know verbally. You could keep kissing her vagina while letting her know how fond you are of it.

6. Use flavored lube

It’s normal for men and women not to be particularly fond of the taste of the vaginal fluids. Few might even wonder how to eat a girl out when they aren’t into the taste of the vagina. In such cases, you could always try to use flavored lube to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

Few men are into the taste of the vagina, just like how few women don’t like the taste of semen, and it has nothing to do with the people they’re with. It’s just a preference. Not everybody loves papayas.

7. Ask her if she likes it

Check up on her and see if she likes it. As discussed earlier, they come in various sizes, shapes, etc., which means that pleasure points differ from vagina to vagina. One may like to be pressed hard with the tongue, and the other may not. Either way, asking her if she likes it helps in dirty talk and will help to pleasure her better.

8. The element of surprise

Women love surprises even in bed! You can make it more fun for her by eating her out when she least expects it. Pushing her on the bed and eating her outright when she’s about to give you a blow job will surprise her. You can even tear some pages out of the great porn book and pour some whiskey, wine, or anything you’re into to make it hotter.

9. Take a little break for a dirty talk

This is a cheat code for you to get a quick breather while making her crave for you even more. Use this time to talk dirty to her, even ask her if you’re doing it right. Don’t worry; you can just lean into her and whisper sweet things into her ear and smoothly ask her if she likes it. Girls like having sweet things whispered into their ears in between a steamy session.

This allows you to find out what she exactly likes and improve you’re eating out the game then and there. You must know what she wants because when the question of how to eat a girl out arises, only the girl you are eating out can answer correctly based on her preferences.

10. Experiment with positions

You have to switch up those positions for her. Just eating her out in the same spot could become boring for her in time. Try experimenting with different positions and hold on to the one which receives the most positive response.

11. Multitask with your hands

When we’re thinking about how to eat a girl out, men only focus on literally eating her vagina out. However, women respond better when you’re touching their other pleasure points while eating them out.

For instance, you could try playing her boobs while you’re licking her vagina up. If she’s the wild kinky kind, you could try reaching behind her hips and fingering her asshole slowly. Stimulating several pleasure points at once will make it more memorable and breathtaking for her. After this, she might never be able to resist you.

12. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing

If the person you’re with orgasms when you’re eating her out, it doesn’t mean that your job is done there. Continue to eat her out while she orgasms and enjoy her little sweet treat. She might make you aware that she’s orgasming by yelling out the words” I’m about to cum” or by simply grabbing your hair and holding on to it tight.

You will also be able to tell if someone’s about to orgasm by their intense breathing. They’ll be gasping for air if they’re orgasming. Don’t get light-hearted if they don’t orgasm. Them not orgasming doesn’t mean that they didn’t enjoy it.

13. Use sex toys

Several sex toys in the market will help you spice up your sex game. You could make use of toys like clit vibrator, wand vibrator or bullet. Making use of such toys on her clit  while you’re fingering her. This will help you upgrade your sex game.

However, don’t forget to ask them before using such toys on them. Some may not be on board with the idea of using sex toys, and you have to respect their preferences and boundaries.

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14. Flick it right

Women love to feel vibrations in their vaginal regions. Flicking your tongue and moving it around their clit helps to intensify these vibrations. Make her squirt by repeatedly flicking her clit with your tongue.

15. Apply some pressure

While you’re wondering how to eat a girl outright, the pressure you apply on her vaginal lips is something you need to give grave importance to. Pressure helps to provide better vibration to their vaginal regions, which women enjoy a lot. So, instead of just licking and flicking the clitoris. Apply some pressure on it with your tongue, moving it back and forth as rapidly as you can.

16. Pick up the pace

vaginal symbol

She might not enjoy it if you keep eating her slow and remain at the same pace through it. Begin slow and pick up the pace as you increase the pressure. Keep changing the pace as variety helps her get off fast.

If you remain at the same pace throughout, then the chances of boring her are 100%. This being said, see to it that you aren’t keeping a fast pace either. If you eat her up fast, she’s going to feel like you are in a hurry and are doing it just for the sake of it. Try to maintain a good balance between fast and slow.

Every man has googled “How to eat a girl out” at least once in his life. Glad you are willing to research about eating her out to pleasure her king. There is no shame in improving; nobody is born bearing the knowledge of the kama-sutra.