A Complete Step-By-Step Guide: How To Remove Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions have become one of the most sought-after beauty and makeup treatments. The variety of options and styles provides so many different solutions for all those who need to upgrade their look. Nonetheless, eyelash extensions are now part of every makeup treatment and appointment and their popularity has never been bigger than it is today.

The beauty market today offers styles that can satisfy different tastes. It is safe to say that eyelash extensions are unique in providing the eyes with definition and texture. But what comes when you do not want to wear them anymore?

Since there are many different eyelashes extension types, the majority of them require an at-salon application. The same goes for removing them. The frequent question here is whether you can remove your eyelash extensions at home and now to do that? For all those of you who have found yourself in such a situation, and for some reason, do not have the time to make the appointment, this guide will help you safely and securely remove your eyelash extensions at home.

Before we head to the preparations, tools, and the entire process of how to remove eyelash extensions at home, many wonder whether it is safe to do it on your hand.

Is it safe to remove your eyelash extensions at home?

Well, it is better and easier to go to the salon to let the experts take care of your lashes. This is because the extensions are adhered to using surgical-grade glue. It is very firm and something that you should not be dealing with on your own. Not only that you do not have the proper skills to remove the extensions yourself, but you might also even end up spreading bacteria into the eye area. All of these things are require professional input.

However, if for some reason you cannot visit your lash technician, then, you can remove the eyelash extensions on your own, at home. There are several ways that you can do that safely, without causing any damage to your natural lashes.

How to remove lash extensions at home?

As mentioned above, while this process is better for the skilled hands of the lash technician, it can be performed at home. It will certainly take more time, cause maybe a little bit of stress, but following the right steps will help you remove the lashes and keep your own in the best possible way.

1. False lashes removal

false eyelashes

The false lashes are a common type of eyelash extension, and as a makeup and beauty accessory, they develop the thickness and length of the natural eyelashes. When the false lashes are applied, that is done by using special glue. So, if you want to remove them, at home, on your own, the first thing to do is to soften the glue. Here is how to do that:

• Take a little amount of eye makeup remover and apply it on a cotton swab. Because this is an alternative to eye makeup remover, you can add a bit of baby oil, olive oil, or coconut oil to soften the glue.

• Dab the cotton swab to the upper eyelash link, just on the place where the lash extensions are connected with the glue. Let it soak for a minute.

• While the mixture soaks in, keep a clean cotton ball under the upper lashes. This will prevent the dripping of the content directly into your eyes.

• When the glue is finally softened, pull off the lash extensions with tweezers. There might be some glue leftover, so soak a cotton ball in water and clean away the glue residue thoroughly.

• Carefully, wash the eye area with lukewarm water just to be sure that the natural eyelashes are free from any residue and clean.

• When you are done with one eye, repeat all of these steps to the other eye.

2. Eyelash extensions removal

eyelash extension removal

With the fact that the eyelash extensions are installed at the salon and require their removal to also be done at the salon, the at-home process is a bit more difficult. The glue for the eyelash extensions is waterproof and it is designed that way so that it can remain intact for a longer period. So, the first thing to know and do is not to push the roots of the lash.

Contrary to false extensions, removing eyelash extensions might be a bit more painful. However, if you still have to do it, you will need the right materials. This does not include anything chemical-based or something special. For starters, coconut oil or olive oil will do the work. They will remove the glue and make your natural lashes moisturized. Here is the process how to get your eyelash extensions off:

• Start by washing your face with lukewarm water. You can use some facial wash if you want. That will prepare both the lashes and the skin for the removal process. If you have makeup on, then, be sure to remove the makeup with the soft makeup remover and make the face prepared.

• Take a bowl of warm water, fill it up, and put your entire face in it. Cover the head and the bowl with a towel, just as if you are trying to clear up the head cold. Do this for 15 minutes. The steam will open up the pores and make the lashes easier to remove.

• The next step is to dip a cotton pad or cotton ball in olive oil or coconut oil. Softly swipe the pad across the lash line. Do this with closed eyes. You can do this several times. The oil needs to dissolve the glue and that will make the eyelash extensions fall off.

When this is done, wash your face only with water. It will remove any oil residue. Use a face moisturizer to make sure that the skin and the lashes are boosted. The lashes, however, will not reach their natural position immediately so give it a few days.

These are the simplest ways of removing your eyelash extensions at home. However, the makeup and beauty market today offers an abundance of products that can help this process. One such product, specially designed for this process is the glue remover.

3. Glue remover

The glue remover is a powerful and efficient lash remover product that you can use at home. Prepare yourself for the entire process, using the following checklist below:

• The glue remover smells the same as the nail polish remover, so don’t be alarmed by the smell;

• Take a good look at your lashes. The process of removing lash extensions is a dedicated one, so stand before a mirror so that you can see what you are doing.

• You need light for the process. Find a place where there is enough light. Be sure there are no shadows on your face so that you can see the face well;

• Clean the face and remove the eye makeup. Use soft makeup to wipe out the eyeliner or the mascara. When the lashes are clean, you can see where they start and where they end.

When this preparation process is done, move to the process of removing the eyelash extensions using the glue remover.

• Dip a cotton swab in the glue remover and make sure it is well damped;

• Pull out the outer corner of the upper eyelids. Close the eyes, use the soft pad with the finger, and softly angle the eyelid downwards of the outer corner, the upper lashes will be pointed downwards. That way you can ensure a better view of the extensions.

• With the cotton swab, go over the line of the lashes. Start from the outside corner, moving to the inside corner. Use gentle motions and the remover will eliminate the glue.

By now, the extensions should be loosened up. Gently pull out the loosened extensions from one side. Go over the lash line with a wet cotton swab, and reach out to the other end of the eyelash extensions. Now, they will easily fall out. Rinse your face and eyelashes. Splash water on the face which will rinse the glue from the eye area and the eyelashes.

Useful tips that will help you with the at-home eyelash removal process:

1. Don’t pick or pull your lash extensions

When removing your lash extensions at home, the goal is to keep the natural lashes are healthy and strong as possible. That is why it is important to never cut your lashes or pick them off. Picking at them will only cause damage to the natural lashes, and the extensions will eventually grow out and shed. This will happen with the natural lash cycle.

2. Use Vaseline

Vaseline is a product that is based on water. It is great for eyelash extensions because it aids to strip the adhesive of the eyelashes. The eyelash adhesives are usually waterproof and cannot be easily removed. That is why the lashes will last longer than any other water exposure on the eyes. Here, Vaseline will help break down the glue, and simply dissolve it.

How to use Vaseline for your eyelash extensions? Take a small amount and massage it over your eyelids. Do this as softly as possible. This process will soften the natural lashes and will add extra nourishment. Eventually, your natural lashes will grow better and stronger.

3. A hot shower will loosen the lash extensions

hot shower bath

Although the urge might be stronger, it is essential not to pick, pluck, rub or pull the eyelash extensions. This is important even if you are in the shower. Any of this pressure will damage your natural lashes and the eyes too. Plucking may break the natural lashes. Additionally, touching them might spread bacteria from the lash line to the eyes. So, if you want to speed up the process, take a hot shower.

4. Try Olive oil

Olive oil is a great product that helps in removing eye makeup or lash adhesive. You can remove your eyelash extension by using a cotton ball with a generous amount of olive oil. Apply it on the eyelids and let it soak for few minutes. With this method, the oil will strip the natural lashes from the glue and will additionally condition your natural lashes. This will help out with loosening any stragglers that are still hanging on the lash line.

5. Use a lot of eye cream

The majority of moisturizers contain oil. This can be anything from argan, rosehip, sunflower, to jojoba and squalane. Especially rich in eye creams, these oils will help break down the eyelash glue over time. Plus, you will see great skin benefits.

eye cream

6. Apply coconut or castor oil before going to bed

coconut oil

Another great result can be achieved with the use of coconut or castor oil. This is a more targeted approach. Apply a small amount of castor or coconut oil over the lashes before going to bed. Do this for some time, and you will see how the oil helps to loosen up the glue that is holding your extensions.

Overall, removing the eyelash extensions from the comfortability of your home is not mission impossible. It might be a more lengthy process, which certainly requires patience and a bit of skill. The final goal of this at-home removal process is to make sure that your natural lashes are not damaged or broke. So, if you do not have the opportunity to make an eyelash extension appointment, follow these tips and steps and you will safely and securely remove the extensions.