18 Amazing Ways On How To Tell A Guy You Love Him

Are you stumped as to how to tell a guy you love him? You aren’t the only one who feels this way. Regretfully, some men are oblivious to the fact that somebody is interested in them. They mistakenly expect that people who are least interested in them are adoring them, completely overlooking the one that is.

True, we could get all dolled up, have our hair styled, and buy an entirely new wardrobe only for them, and they’d have no clue.

Isn’t it exhausting to try to persuade a man to take a hint like this? In fact, understanding how to tell a guy you love him isn’t easy, but that’s the only way to know if he’s paying attention to your signals.

After all, telling a man that he had already piqued your interest may not always be simple, specifically if you don’t know him closely. The excellent news is that by equipping yourself with “what to do to” knowledge, you will be capable of overcoming whatever obstacles you face and effectively communicate your message!

How to tell a guy you love him and win him over?

It isn’t always straightforward. Men can be so focused on their present infatuation that they lose sight of almost everything. As a result, we’ve put together a list of tips to assist you get over that hump.

1. Inform him directly.

Men are a straightforward species. He’ll figure it out if you basically tell him you love him. This is where your bravery comes into play. Most girls don’t go this approach since they want to make a strong first impression. But, hey, when nothing else works, go ahead and try it!

2. Show that you care about what he likes to do.

Showing an interest in activities that fascinate a guy is one method to show him that you care about him. If he’s a music fan, bring up some recent shows you’ve attended. He may still not immediately realize that you’ve picked up his hobbies, but he’ll begin to regard you as compatible, and in a guy’s mind, that’s nearly enough. Finding how to tell a guy you love him sometimes can entail subtly expressing your feelings.

3. Give him a compliment on his appearance.

girl giving compliments to a guy

Undoubtedly, you find him appealing, so let him know! Telling a guy you think he’s attractive is a surefire way to get his attention. This will also cause him to notice your appearance and start thinking about you.

4. Give him a compliment about his work.

Far beyond their appearance, guys appreciate being complimented on their work. Tell him he’s doing an excellent job on whatever project he’s working on right now. He’ll appreciate the kind words as well as the fact that you noticed him. It will also draw his attention to you.

5. Inquire about his personal life.

It’s considered a sign of interest when someone shows an interest in someone else’s personal life. Inquire about his upbringing, childhood, and goals. He’ll see that you’re attempting to learn more about him and be moved, and he’ll take it as a sign that you’re interested.

6. Use your body language to your advantage.

Men are much more aware of what your body is doing than of what you are saying. It’s a terrible reality, but one that must be acknowledged. Lean in closer while conversing, teasingly flick your hair, and swing your hips as you walk away. All these are ways of expressing that you care and, in essence, to tell him you love him. He will undoubtedly pay attention.

7. Make an extra effort to smile.

girl smiling to a guy

Smiling is almost universally regarded as a sign of joy. He’ll realize that you’re happy when you’re with him, which must imply something! And, hey, if you’re genuinely into him, this might just come naturally. It’s not always necessary to use words to convey information to someone. You must also consider non-verbal gestures if you want to understand how to tell a guy you love him.

8. Make direct eye contact.

When you hold someone’s stare, you’re effectively imploring them to pay attention to you. Now, I’m not suggesting you hold a gazing contest; that may be unpleasant. I’m suggesting that you make an effort to look him in the eyes. It’s an excellent approach to get his attention and win him over.

9. Inquire as to whether he is single.

After that, if he does not really catch the signal, he’s utterly hopeless, and you should obviously search for someone else. Simply ask him if he’s seeing someone; it’s a simple yet effective technique of learning how to tell a guy you love him. You’ve made it plain that you’re intrigued in him emotionally by asking about his relationship status. He’ll figure it out if he has any brain at all.

10. Have faith in yourself.

Confidence necessitates that you pay attention to what you’re saying. He will notice your confidence and self-assurance if you are confident around him. Men adore self-assurance, and if you exude it, you’ll win him over..

11. Speak with his friends.

Guys converse with one another in the same way that girls do. If you’re inquiring about him among his pals, for example, “Is he single?” What’s his backstory? What is it that he enjoys? His buddies will undoubtedly inform him that you inquired. They’ll most likely do you a favor and tell him you adore him because they’ll be able to recognise.

12. Let him know you’re slightly jealous.

Men may not comprehend many emotions, but they really do comprehend envy and the sentiments that accompany it. If you inquire about a certain person who has spent a significant amount of time in his company, he will detect envy and recognize that you adore him. It’s possible he’s impressed!

13. Take him by surprise.

girl surprising a guy

Bring him a home-cooked meal or some of his favorite snacks to work. Astonishing a guy in any way will demonstrate that you have feelings for him. It will undoubtedly elevate you to the top of his list of preferred individuals. And besides, the path to a man’s mind is through his belly, so you’ll undoubtedly win him over this way.

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14. Request a date with him.

If everything else fails, go ahead and ask him out! Purchase tickets to his favorite band’s concert and invite him to accompany you as your date. A date means you adore him, according to any rational man. Going to one of his favorite spots can earn you added chances toward winning him over.

15. Make an effort to be more touchy.

How do you express your love for a guy? Be just a little bit touchy! You don’t have to rub his back, but a few little caresses here and there will make him wonder why you’re being so touchy! Brush some invisible dirts from his shoulder. When you chuckle, stroke his arm. He was prodded in a playful manner. He’ll be curious as to what’s on your thoughts!

16. Help out if you can.

Offer to assist him if he needs assistance with anything. Sure, if he needs your help fixing the automobile and you have no experience, this could be challenging, but pick your battles wisely! Being available to assist means you’ll have more time with him, which could lead to wonderful opportunities.

17. Seek the help of a friend to do the honors.

It’s necessary to be a little tricky from time to time. Guys don’t always get it, which necessitates underhanded approaches. If you have a close buddy who is good at stirring the pot, tell them you like him and let them drop some subtle signals here and there. It’ll undoubtedly set the wheels in his mind turning.

18. Send him sweet texts.

Sending him sweet texts if you have his phone number can capture his attention and make him regard you as more than just a friend.

Funny gifs, memes, and photographs from the internet are a fantastic way to attract his attention because they’re cute while still being something that a friend would do. It’s not as obnoxious as it sounds, but it’ll make him question why you’re suddenly paying more attention to him.


No one is born with self-assurance, and it can be knocked down at any time. You’ll begin to feel more confident as a result of acting it and taking a huge risk, and that confidence will rub off on everyone around you, especially that person you’ve had your eye on. He’ll eventually realize you’re crushing, and ideally he’ll take control from there.

Because some men are simply dumb, knowing how to tell a guy you love him might be challenging. Take over from there, try everything listed above, then you’ll be sure to not only make your point, but also win him over!