15 Subtle Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

Is she hiding it? Are those subtle hints some kinds of signs? Read on to find out.

We all have a soft corner in our hearts for the office flings. It surely makes the office environment feel better and bearable, doesn’t it? But what if you fall into the category of people who wonder whether to approach the girl or not? Although the K-dramas have put our hopes high on office romances, it can be quite complicated than other romantic alliances. And it is even more complicated to decode the signs a female coworker likes you. It is always better to look out for the subtle signs having definite indications so that you can know if she is into you romantically before you approach.

Below are the subtle hints you should look for before jumping to any conclusion.

1. The Language of Her Smile

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Well, smiling at colleagues is not a big deal. But if you notice an unusual curvature in her smile when you are around, my friend, this is one of the signs you can take into account. In short, notice the language of her smile. Is it just a casual smile like meeting an acquaintance? Or, is she smiling with her eyes? You know which one you should consider.

Read the reactions when you tell something to her, or pass a beautiful comment on her. It is important to notice whether she smiles or blushes when you compliment her dress or hair. If she is into you, her eyes will twinkle when she smiles and you can be sure that her heart skips a beat when you are around.

2. Willingness to Spend More Time with You

Are you running into her these days more often than usual? Be it the office gossip, or the lunch break, if she always finds a way to spend more time with you, it is one of the sure-shot signs a female coworker likes you. This is the first step for anyone wanting to build a connection outside the work.

You can even find her seeking help from you for tiny issues, like handling a project, technical issues she is facing on her computer. The hint can be as simple as choosing to stand by your side among the crowd of other coworkers.

3. Too Many Accidental Touches

This might sound like a thing that teenager does, but we love to get a glimpse of the person we like. We are even fonder of getting a few innocent touches of the one we have been crushing over. If she is into you, she might look for chances to have some innocent physical encounters with you.

So, are there too many accidental touches you encounter these days? Women never voluntarily push themselves in an awkward situation that may hamper their reputation. If you come across her more often and find her brushing her body against you, or she “accidentally” touches you, she is likely having a crush on you.

4. Gazing to Admire

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Do you want to be sure of the sign a female coworker likes you? Try looking at her from the corner of your eyes. You may catch her looking at you. This doesn’t mean that she is keeping an eye on you. This is the gaze of admiration. However, she doesn’t want you to catch her doing so. If she finds you, she may look away swiftly to ignore the embarrassment.

If you are also interested in her, try making a mental note of how often you find her doing so. If they are very frequent occurrences, you are not cooking up your imagination, something is brewing there.

5. Flirting To Begin With

Flirting doesn’t necessarily need to be unhealthy always. A healthy way of flirting with the one you like might open the possibility for further development in the relationship. If a female coworker has any feelings for you she will try flirting in almost every situation. Like, complimenting the pair of sunglasses you bought recently or the shirt you wore the other day.

Some people have the natural skill of flirting. If she is one of them, you may notice something opposite, i.e., witnessing something unusual in her regarding this like stopping the flirting with every other person just to assure that she is really into you.

6. Remembering Little Things

We know how important small things are in the case of love and admiration. You can consider this as one of the signs a female coworker likes you. She starts noticing small things about you. They can be as small as your favorite snacks, favorite movie, the things you don’t like, the things you have been longing for a while, etc.

Now, if you find her gifting you your favorite things on your birthdays, ordering your favorite thing even before you ask for it, you can be assured that she has been taking mental notes on your favorite things. And there is no denying that she is looking forward to this relationship.

7. Making Effort to Look Nice In Front Of You

Let’s admit that every one of us wants to look our best in front of the person we like. Especially, when the level is at a tender stage like building up an impression, making yourself look attractive becomes a priority. So, if you want to look out for signs a female coworker likes you, this tip you shouldn’t miss.

You may find her making herself look her best all the time. You can feel that suddenly she is into her looks, she is conscious about her appearance and her makeup game is on point all the time. If this sign is accompanied by the above-mentioned signs, she is serious. Take her into account and notice her already!

8. Asking About Your Personal Life

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Okay, you know what we are talking about. If a colleague asks frequently about your personal life, it might be because she is interested in this. Of course, a colleague can ask you about your relationship status or your family life casually, but it is unlikely to ask frequently about your family. If this has been happening to you as well, you can be sure that she is trying to get it into the next level and your female coworker likes you.

Now, things like this may arise some awkward situation. But you need to focus on how deep she goes when she asks you those questions. She might be a genuinely curious person in nature, or she is more into knowing you better. If her responses often involve emotional nodding, she is not just curious but looking forward to something more.

9. Telling You All Her Secrets

Well, we are old enough to understand that no one likes to share her secrets with a random colleague. If someone confesses her secrets, she wants you to know her more or pay attention to her problems. A woman doesn’t usually go around and start blabbing about her secrets unless she thinks she can confide in you.

This is one of the biggest signs a coworker likes you if she doesn’t share her secrets and private things with other co-workers in the office but you. That can be small kinds of stuff like her likes and dislikes, her childhood memories, family problems, etc. It means she wants you to know her on a personal level. 

10. There Is a Hush-Hush In the Office about Both of You

Okay, both of you did not have any romantic encounters yet, still, you come across to the hush-hush about both of you. You might be wondering how this is possible. Well, the biggest possibility can be that she might tell how she likes you to her colleague-friends! And there is a further possibility of spreading the words like a bushfire in the office environment.

There is no smoke without fire. If they talk about both of you, there is something they witness that you might be missing. If your friends outside of work are also presuming the same thing, you shouldn’t wonder whether to make any move or not because the hints are not subtle anymore. And you are wasting your time in a dilemma.

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11. Wanting To Spend Some Time Alone

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Does any of your coworkers want to spend some time alone with you? No. Because they know that we will be talking about work stuff most of the time. General people like to avoid work-talk outside the work premises or after work hours. When a female coworker likes you, she may approach you to spend some quality time with her alone outside of work.

She may not directly ask you out for a date rather suggest you hang out off the clock. She might even suggest you go to a particular romantic movie or explore new food joints together. If you two have a common interest, you can click from the very first time, and make your non-date thing more appealing.

12. Frequent Calling and Texting

You feel like she doesn’t need any reason to call you or text you. Mere project issues or technical error, work-load to wishes on special days, she always finds her way to call you or text you. This is a sign that you cannot ignore when a female coworker likes you. A simple cute good morning or good night message might mean a lot to her.

Do you notice that she often talks or mentions you in the office WhatsApp group? Well, there are so many other people to whom she could refer for any problem. Or, when a conversation sparks up, do you notice she is interested more in talking to you? Do not ignore these signs and consider taking this relationship forward if you are interested in her.

13. Bringing Coffee or Brunch

Well, a couple of years ago, it was some kind of chivalry of gentlemen to buy coffee, lunch, or taking the one you like out for a dinner. These days women are no less and do not afraid to express their feeling. If you notice such activities this is one of the signs a female coworker likes you even if you do not have a hang of it.

If she brings coffee for you from the cafeteria and often buys you a good brunch, cooks something special for you now and then, she is crushing on you, a big time.

14. Being Jealous

This sign is often looked down upon since jealousy is a form of negativity. Well, you should rather consider it as a cute sign a female coworker likes you. You may find her often being jealous when you spend more time with other female colleagues or talk about personal stuff more with others than with her, she might feel neglected.

Why would a coworker be jealous if you talk to other women in your workplace? She has a special place in her heart for you. if she is dropping in this definite sign, there is no point of any doubt and you can work toward it accordingly without any hesitation.

15. Emphasizing the word “Us”

Do you even need the help of this article if she often emphasizes the word “us” or “together”? Things couldn’t be clearer than this sign a female coworker likes you. She might dream of having a future with you. You could often find her saying “we could make a great couple”, “if I were your girlfriend…”, “gosh, I imagine how the life of your partner would be…” things like these.

You can understand through her body language and words that she can’t get enough of you. If these things have been happening with you, you can make your move without any worry. You can be assured that things will fall in place.

So, have you noticed these signs a female coworker giving you? What should you do next? Well, if you are single, you can invite her or go on a date to find out if both of you can click. But make sure you are aware of the company policies before you go on a date.

If you know other subtle definite signs a female coworker likes you, comment down below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will be answering each question to help out.