12 Clear Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

A girl will never come up to you and tell you that she likes you. Do you want to know how you can approach her without letting her making the first move? You need to understand signs a girl wants you to notice her.

You can notice the girl all you want, but approaching her may seem deadly. Maybe you are not ready for rejection or even getting over the escalating feelings for her. What will it be? That’s up to you to decide whether you want to approach to her even when you see signs a girl wants you to notice her or get across the street without looking for the traffic.

Why is it important to know the signs?

It’s easy to find someone you like. But it’s difficult to find someone who likes you back. Sometimes we let go of the signs even when we have everything presented on a silver platter before us. When we finally have noticed them, the rug has already been swept from under your feet.

A girl will never tell how she feels. But her actions will tell you. They will throw hints at you, like make your favorite food or be there when you are going your toughest times. Make sure you are aware of these signs so you don’t miss the chance of being with someone who likes you as much as you like them.

Signs a girl wants you to notice her

If you still figuring out whether or not a girl likes you, here are signs a girl wants you to notice her. But before we dig into the signs, let me tell you something. It’s never high-end gifts or going extra mile for a day or two. It’s in the small things that she noticed and doesn’t get in the way of your daily work.

1. She finds ways to constantly stay closer to you

She will find ways to get closer to you. It can be a job closer to a place where you are currently working. It can also be the same place where you work. She will also take you as her partner to the parties where she was invited. It can be a reason to get closer to you, in any way possible.

She will find reasons to stay around you. From asking for help in trivial things like opening ajar to important stuff like filling out a form, you being there is important for her. Sometimes she will ask for your opinion on personal decisions.

2. Her face seems weird when you are around other ladies

Jealousy is the most important factor in understanding the girl. It is also a sign a girl wants you to notice her. She doesn’t like when other girls are trying to get close to you. Some girls want to hurt you while others throw some toxic vibe towards you. She doesn’t want you to be unhappy but in a relationship of that sort.

Girls understand girls. If she tells you something is wrong with one girl, trust her instincts. Notice the wrinkles on her forehead? That’s your cue to get a sign a girl wants you to notice her instead of other girls.

3. She frequently dresses up to gain your attention

She will dress up to impress you. Not all girls dress to impress for boys. If she looks beautiful whenever you two meet, that’s your cue too. She doesn’t want to seek attention from other boys but you. One of your conversations may have lead to telling her what you like in girls including the dresses. If it’s a casual dress with high heels, no matter how much her feet hurt, she will dress up in that attire.

Her eyes are on you and all these efforts are for you too. If you see her struggling in an attire that she wore to impress you, shower her with compliments and thank me later.

4. She has your back, always

She will always have your back. No matter how many struggles you are going through or how many people rejected you, her shoulder will always be there for you. Only thing you must understand is that she cannot tell you her feelings without knowing how you feel.

Just like you, she is also afraid of rejection. Her faith in you, dauntless courage and gleaming eyes every time you meet is a sign that she wants you to notice her.

5. Her eyes always find their way to you

Even if you two didn’t go to the party together, you will definitely see her in an attire of your favorite color. Her eyes will find their way to you and you will see her making frequent eye contacts with you. If you cannot notice her among this crowd, you are missing evident signs that she wants you to notice her.

It is one of the most common yet noticeable sign that she is as interested in you as you think and are in her. Don’t miss this opportunity of loving someone who loves you as much as you love her. No high-end meet-ups, no going extra mile just to see dissatisfaction on her face and no confusion, just your eyes meeting her eyes often at the same time.

6. She laughs or talks louder

Girls don’t talk or laugh louder with everyone. They do this just with people who make them feel comfortable. If a girl is around you, laughing abruptly, talking without worrying about anything, it’s because she isn’t scared of you judging her.

Even if you are not with her, you can notice her talking from a distance with some friends. One aspect is she is probably trying to make you jealous. But it is evident that she is trying to make you notice her.

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7. She talks to others about you

You will often hear people telling you that she was talking about you. But you will never be in a situation where she is talking to you. Obviously, she wants you to notice her without being too straightforward about her feelings.

She is probably asking them what you like or how they know you. If she didn’t ask you ‘are you single?’, that’s probably because she has the answer to this question after asking from your acquaintances, mutual friends or co-workers.

8. She notices you aren’t there and misses you

If you weren’t invited to a place but your friends were, or you had to be somewhere else at the same time, she will probably leave early too. Your absence makes her feel bored. Her thoughts are stuck at you and now she is doesn’t want to be in this place. Although she is a party-lover, all that is possible with you in that party. Her charisma increases with you around her and everyone can tell that.

9. She pays attention to your feelings and what’s important

man interested in girl

From dressing to your favorite dinner, she knows everything. It’s subtle but it speaks volumes. She doesn’t want to be anywhere without you. But she doesn’t have the chance to tell you how she feels until you make the same moves.

Like I said, rejection is hard for her. But if she has shown that she cares about your feelings, and matters in your life, she is into you. She will defend concepts or ideas that you defend and vice versa. Not sounding too obvious, but it’s one of the most evident signs a girl wants you to notice her.

10. She keeps walking past you

She keeps walking past you. You will notice her standing alongside a window of the seat where you are sitting. She will go to the reception for napkins and keep looking at you while she waits. If you don’t notice her, who else is she standing there for? If you know her name, call out to her with respect. Don’t let the signs cloud your judgment. She is standing there because of you.

The girl wants you to notice her and talk to her. If you still aren’t confirmed if these are the signs, keep reading.

11. She cares about what you think

Some of the boys show what they feel about certain behavior. Aggressive and hostile behaviors do not attract too many men and women. You tell her how you find negative behavior biggest turndown and she has noted it in her mind-pad. But what is even more important, she tries her best to not let her anger get in the way of you two because it will upset you. Her mind is calm around you and she highly cares about your opinion.

12. She reacts to all your social media posts

Your jokes are funny to her and she laughs with her cutest smile. She likes all your social media posts and wants you to know she is ready for the same attention from you. she has liked all of your social media posts and might be the first one to like them. in one of your conversations, she will even compliment the pictures.

A Final Verdict

Some girls don’t want high-end one-time dates. Your vibe makes her feel comfortable. It is one of the signs a girl wants you to notice her. She is continuously flipping her hair, throwing compliments and questions your way in a group conversation and trying her best to be around you.

Are you missing out a girl who is into you as much as you are into her?