10 Subtle Signs He Is Into You (Does He Have a Crush on Me?)

In this world of online dating and casual flings, it can be really hard to get into a serious relationship. You get to know that a guy is interested in you or you find a guy attractive. But, how to know those genuine “signs he is into you”?

According to Psychology Today, men are not that great at sending or reading non-verbal signals as compared to women. Ladies, you are certainly at an advantage here! When it comes to personal relationships, men’s actions speak louder than words.

Look closely for these 10 subtle signs to know for the “signs he is into you”:

1. He Contacts You First

Do you notice a pattern that he is always the one who tries to reach out to you first? Did he text you or tried to call you first? Does he always initiate a face-to-face talk? Then chances are that he is trying to get into your radar. This is one of the signs he is into you and is smitten by your presence.

But if you are left wondering and waiting for his texts then it is better to move on with your life. If a guy really likes you, he will make effort to contact you. And this first contact is with a goal in mind. A goal that they want to date you or be in a relationship with you.

But, how to judge his intentions through first contact? Ladies, for starters, notice the time he calls or texts you. If he only remembers you during midnight then that’s a booty call alert! Block him out of your life. If he approaches you directly, then the way he looks at you gives a lot away. Look closely ladies, if he is interested in your body more than you, you will know!

2. Tries to Make You Laugh

man and woman laughing

It is no surprise that women are attracted to guys who can make them laugh. It is definitely nice to have someone in your life who can make you tickle with his sense of humor. Women know the value of it!

If a guy is trying to make you laugh, even if the jokes are bad, he is definitely trying to impress you. Not many guys have or (especially) show their goofy side, if you are seeing that then you are someone special to him.

3. Genuinely Seems Happy Around You

Talking about goofiness, does he always have that goofy smile plastered on his face whenever he sees you? Is it one of the signs he is into you? Well, that goofy smile might have something to do with his feelings for you.  

If a man is fidgety and restless, then he is not comfortable around you. It is not because you did something but, maybe the chemistry between the two of you may not be right.

But, if he is relaxed, maintains eye contact and gives that coy smile, then it is a sign that your attention to him sends those butterflies in his stomach.

4. Body Language Cues

Ladies, there is so much body language can say that it needs a separate blog! Starting from the eyes to his feet, if he likes you, his body language will let you know. Apart from his relaxed body and coy smile as mentioned, there are certain signals you can notice in him.

If his eyes are never leaving your face and he finds ways to touch you (both, not in a creepy way!) then there is no mistake for his liking to you. Another positive sign is his feet (yep!), as those will be pointed towards your direction. This shows he is attracted to you and his focus is at you.

Notice if you are feeling good around him and loving the way how he makes you feel comfortable. It is one of the genuine signs he is into you when you completely feel yourself around him. But if you are feeling the opposite of that then it is a sign that this guy is not for you. Yes, it is that simple girls!

5. He Truly Listens to You

man listening to woman

Listening is a crucial aspect in any relationship. Every woman will agree. Let us just say men are not on the forefront when it comes to listening. Anything more than two or three sentences and you have lost his attention. Of course, unless it is not something related to his interests.

Ladies, this is why it is a major one. If he is intently listening to you and actively responding to you, he is a keeper. Even if you have forgotten what you said and he reminds you of something you mentioned, that means he is truly listening. This is a major sign of respect and admiration for the speaker (you). Your words are valuable to him and he will make sure you see and feel that.

6. Will Always be Around You

If a guy has a crush on you then he will make sure that he remains close by to you (again, not in a creepy way). If men like someone, they want their potential partners to see and think of them first. He will ensure he is always in your view. He will take care of you in ways you would not expect at times.

He loves to be in your company and ensures that he sees and gets to be with you every day. Again ladies, there is a major difference between being around and creepy stalking. So, when to read those genuine signs he is into you? If he truly cares, he will ensure that his presence is felt but not in an overbearing but, in a comfortable way.

7. Initiates Plans with You

two friends on vacation

Another excuse of being around you, he will always initiate plans with you. From asking you out on a date or going on a trip, he will make plans that includes you. This way he ensures that he remains close to you and gets to spend time with you.

Ladies, if he is making these efforts then he is looking to get to know you better and is curious about you. He will definitely wish to ask you about your interests and plan activities around your interests.

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8. Notices and Points Tiny Cute Details About You

Ladies, he will take another cute advantage of being around you – he will notice little things in you that he likes about you. And he will make sure that you know them too! If you hear those and find yourself blushing about it, then his charm is working on you.

A man is quite observant when it comes to a woman he likes. Most of the times, the reason they like you is in those tiny details about you. It can be the cute way you pout your lips or the way you laugh or the way you concentrate on a task.

Men love simplicity and they like you most when you are your natural best. Girl, take notes, it is one of those signs he into you, all your flaws included! These tiny details he notes is his way of telling you how different you are from other girls.

9. Is Openly Vulnerable with You

Men don’t open up easily. Period. They have this guard around them which can be part ego and part protective shield from being emotionally hurt. If he is putting that guard down for you, then you are that someone special for him.

Studies have shown that men are more emotional than women. They are just not good enough at expressing it. If he is sharing his dark demons with you and opening up to you then he feels deeply for you.

Men usually want women to notice their best self. But, if they have opened up about their struggles, weaknesses and vulnerabilities then you mean more to him than just a fling.

10. Small Gestures

adorable couple in love

Ladies, I will sum up here saying that it is all in those tiny gestures he makes for you. For instance, he will ensure that his room is clean before you visit, he takes extra efforts to dress well, remembers your favourite drinks and dishes. Enough signs he is into you and trying to impress you, right? He will let you know in these and many other ways that he is crazy about you.

Not every guy will go over the top to express his feelings. Those tiny gestures speak more than “I like you” or “I love you”.

Nodding yet?

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Summing it up…

Ladies, it is important to note that you don’t go looking for only one point out of this list. It takes a combination of at least a few points if not all for him to show his interest in you.

Sadly, at this time and age one can easily get heartbroken. It is understandable if it makes you wonder whether you can trust someone’s interest in you. It is okay to keep your guard up and take things slow especially at the beginning. Ladies, you should be clear by now of his intentions with you. This will be your go-to list before getting into a relationship with someone. Now these were my points of letting you know the signs he is into you. Are there any other points you think should be mentioned here? Got any similar experiences of your own? Eagerly waiting for your thoughts. Share them here in the comments below.