14 Noticeable Signs He Is Making Love To You

Every day, at least one-fourth of the population spends time online searching for the best relationship recipe. The existence of such a recipe is as controversial as the existence of God. While few dreamy folks completely indulge in the hope of finding love, skeptical, on the other hand, refuse to give in to their strong desires and view love merely as a mythical concept. Thus, forcing love and lust to coexist in a relationship. The weirdly cosmic coexistence of love and lust makes you wonder and look for signs he is making love to you.

In a conventional relationship, sex plays a major role among factors like trust, loyalty, and of course, loves is supposed to develop a spiritual connection between the two or more humans involved; it’s the dancing and twirling of the souls during coitus that makes it more meaningful.

Although physical, sex is the love language of the souls. Yes, your body feels the pleasure but is your soul orgasming too? Unfortunately, people have been more inclined towards pleasing their body than their soul. Sometimes there may be signs he wants to make love to you, but the chances of being fooled by lust are higher. Absolute on those who would choose lust over love, you’ve got to do you, but you must understand the difference between the two of you could be majorly messing with the lives of your partners/lovers.

Yes! They are usually co-dependent yet very distinct. Lust is often misused as a metaphor for sex, while sex is simply a part of love. In simple words, when someone serves you their body just because they are attracted to yours, it’s lust, and when someone does the same to show you how much they like you, it’s love. In lust, sex comes to play when the bodies want each other. In love, sex comes to play when words can no longer describe how much they need each other.

Most people wonder if their partner is only using them for their lustful desires at some point in the relationship. While its difficult to prove, there are quite a few noticeable signs he is making love to you for you to pick up a few of them are:

1. Loads of kisses

man kissing his girl

If he makes it a point to shower you with several deep kisses while in bed, he’s 100% showcasing signs he is in love with you. Why? Simply because kissing someone you don’t have any emotional connection with feels like sitting through a boring documentary about leaves. He’s going to make it a point to kiss you as much as he can while making love ones. How to tell he loves you by his kiss? With every thrust, with every change of pace, the kiss gets more intense.

2. Eye contact

couple making eye contact

This is a huge sign he’s making love to you simply because if someone weren’t invested in you completely, they’d rather spend time staring at your physique than your pretty face and eyes. Looking into your partner’s eyes while indulging in coitus is a magical, intimate experience on its own. The eye flirts with your heart as the bodies flirt with each other. It’s also a sign that he enjoys making love to you. If he isn’t interested in looking in your eyes to show you how he truly feels about you, you better ditch him as soon as possible.

3. Don’t rush things

Somebody focused only on attaining physical pleasure will hastily conduct all their intimate actions. May it be undressing you or the act itself, they’ll be in a rush to do all of it. On the other hand, when someone is truly interested in making love to you, he shall leisurely indulge in erotic passion with you, taking his sweet time.

4. He makes you feel comfortable

couple enjoying their time

Indulging in sex can make anybody anxious. Men don’t tell you this, but they are equally nervous about their performance. This nervousness reaches its peak when they are with someone they truly love. However, if he makes an effort to make you feel comfortable, then it portrays one of the major signs he is making love to you. Everybody is a little insecure about themselves, especially when it comes to being naked in front of another individual. When a guy is really into you, he will try his best to erase all your insecurities from your mind and shower you with so much love that, at least for a moment, all your anxieties and self-doubt will vanish as you sink into his arms. He’ll give your body so much love that in that instance, you’ll fall in love with yourself too.

5.  Doesn’t let go of you

Often, people tend to let go of your body right after having a sexual encounter. This may seem impolite, but by doing this, he’s giving you signs that it was just one of those cool one night stands for him. When you are in bed with someone you like, your body must feel loved, not used. Your lover will show love to your body even after your sexual encounter by snuggling or cuddling you. He makes it a point to make you aware that he doesn’t want to let go of you. Your hookup might get up and leave after he’s done getting what he wants. Sometimes in a relationship, your partner might roll to the other side and go about checking his phone, texting people; this is a huge red flag as he didn’t make love to you and was pleasing his body. In such a case, try communicating with him about how you feel about his actions and try to resolve it; if he refuses to accept it and makes you feel stupid for even mentioning it, dump his ass right away.

6. He’s curious and attentive towards your interests

It’s utterly selfish and self-centered of one to think about only his needs and desires. Each of us has our kinks, and it’s not unusual to end up with partners whose kinks don’t align with ours. Guys who are just there to appease themselves will conduct erotic actions without even acknowledging your desires. Every woman wants to be touched in a certain way, and if he’s trying to throw out signs he is making love to you, he will make it a point to ask you about your sexual desires, the places you want to be touched, and the places you most certainly don’t. He is more concerned about your enjoyment than his very own and is determined to give you the time of your life.

7. Whispers romantic things in your ears

man whispering romantic things

There’s nothing more exhilarating than hearing your partner whisper sweet little things to you when you’re doing the deed.

Your heart skips a beat. You feel like you’re on cloud nine during those moments of passion.

When he’s making love to you, he’s going to say nice sweet things to you and melt your heart. Hearing such words, especially when you’re having a wild night, gives you more thrill and comfort than ever. It’s the best of both worlds.

8. Respects your boundaries

Every woman loves a gentleman who can treat her right, and it’s almost like winning the lottery when the men exhibit subtle gentlemen-like behavior when they’re in bed. A man who’s making love to you and not just into you for physical pleasure will respect your boundaries and be adamant about doing things you love. If you aren’t into oral sex or anal, he won’t force you to do it. Using the term force, I don’t mean to imply that rape would be involved several times when a man doesn’t get what he wants. He tries his best to persuade you through manipulation just so that you give him exactly what he wants, and during a moment of pleasure and weakness, you may unknowingly give in to it. Whereas when he’s really into you, all you have to say is that you are not into that kind of stuff, and that will be the end of it because, for him, your pleasure and your comfort matter the most. This is one of the major signs he is making love to you.

9. Switching those positions for you

Sexual encounters are spicy and fun. Experimenting with positions is one of the most fun parts of sex. The positions he chooses to put you in may show signs he is making love to you or not. If he puts you in a position that allows him to maintain eye contact and kiss you every now and then, he’s for sure making love to you. He’ll make sure that he’s able to touch his body to yours completely. In short, if he’s always more into getting a view of your booty rather than your face, he’s got to go.

10. Every inch of you gets his undivided attention

 A man who isn’t interested in lovemaking is only focused on pleasuring you in the places you are supposed to be pleasured. While he’s making love to you, he’ll make every inch of you feel important and loved. He’ll literally worship your body by treating it as his temple. Most women associate going down on one with signs he is making love to you; he could be into eating some of that sugar. He’s going to be paying equal attention to your eyes and your body. Both your soul and body will feel blessed.

11. Written all over his face

You’ll be able to identify how he feels about the whole encounter just by his facial expressions. If he’s just there for a sexual release, you will notice all expressions but those that indicate happiness. Whereas, if he’s making love to, he’ll be smiling a lot and be immensely happy because sharing such intimate moments with you makes him feel alive and glad that he’s someone like you to call his lover.

12. Pampers you with a lot of foreplay

couple having foreplay

Foreplay adds and spices up the intimacy and sensuality to sex. Without it, it’s almost like two or more animals doing the deed just for the sake of it. The amount of foreplay involved can reveal if it was just lust or a pure act of lovemaking. If he doesn’t indulge in foreplay, he’s giving you a clear sign that he’s all about sex and nothing else. With foreplay, he has the chance to tell you and show you how much you mean to him; a lover will never give up such an opportunity. If sex is a dessert, then foreplay is the cherry on top.

13. Open to experimenting with you

As we discussed earlier, prioritizing your satisfaction over his is one of the signs he is making love to you. He’ll be open to doing things for you even though he may not be typically into it. He knows what makes him finish and what does and doesn’t for you; he’ll make an exception and give in to whatever crazy psychotic fantasies you have.

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14. Aftermath

The way one treats you after sex says a lot about their feelings towards you. If the sex meant something to him, he’s going to cuddle and or talk to you for long after you guys got it on. We have all either experienced or heard about crazy, awkward, and sometimes horrific one-night stands where the guy would do his business and leave. When you’re looking for signs he is making love to you, notice how he makes you feel right after sex. Do you feel safe? Or Do you feel guilty?

These signs may not hold in all situations; please don’t overthink your partner’s movements in bed, complete its purely just lust when you are in bed, but if every sexual encounter with him feels like a release for him and nothing else, kick that man out unless you are looking for something casual too. Having a casual sex partner is still seen as taboo by complete nonsense because it’s your body; you chose if it has to be used or not and who has to use it. If you are unhappy with the way your partner treats you in bed, communicate with them and try to come up with a solution.