50+ Amazing Things To Say In Bed To Turn Her On

Are you trying to give your partner the best sex of her life? But, confused about the things to say in bed to turn her on? You’ve come to the right place! Sadly, even today, few men think that just seeing a hard dick can turn a woman on. Well, news flash! Women see several unsolicited hard dicks in their DMs daily, your Lil ding dong, even though marvelous, unfortunately, isn’t enough to turn her on.

You have to cave into dirty talk to get her into the mood. Your sex game could be strong but will be of no use if you cant get her into bed in the first place. Women appreciate efforts and sweet words. Once you master the art of dirty talking, nothing can stop you from making her yours.

A dirty talk is a lovely tool that helps you build sexual tension. The beauty of dirty talk is that you don’t have to be near her to do it. Just dirty texts, voicemails, or calls can do the magic. It plays a crucial role in building up the main act because you can’t simply stand naked in front of her and expect her to pounce on you. She’ll probably think you are a pervy creep or a weirdo.

Dirty talking, if done right, can make your woman’s underwear wet within minutes. It helps her imagine the things you’re about to do to her and gets her all riled up for it. This being said, you can’t expect her to get turned on easily, especially when she’s not in the mood for it. Begin slow. Don’t get to the spicy bits right away. Ease her into it.

You could begin with a compliment and follow up by expressing all your dirty thoughts to her. For instance, you could compliment her beauty and go on to explain all the nasty things you’d like to do to that pretty face. You don’t just want to get her into the mood; you also want to see to it she’s hyped up throughout it.

Your dirty talk game must be designed based on how important or close she is to you. You could always add in dirty inside jokes to make it more memorable.

I’m not trying to freak you out. But if the things to say in bed to turn her on aren’t delivered well, it could break your relationship. You have to read her personality before you decide on what dirty words you’ll be whispering to her since saying anything that she might find offensive during the heat of the moment could instantly turn her off.

Worried how to make her pussy drip with mere words? Here are few things to say to her in bed to turn her on:

things to say in bed to turn her on 2
  1. I wonder how my face is going to look between your legs.
  2. I want to watch you play with yourself (Works wonders if you’ve gotten her naked in your bed, really creepy if you are just sliding into her DMS).
  3. That dress looks good on you. It would look better on my bedroom floor though.
  4. I need to feel you inside me.
  5. Close your eyes, baby girl.
  6. I love feeling your body enjoying everything I do.
  7. I’m going to make you squirt on my face.
  8. I love you (whispering this in your girlfriend/wife’s ear amid hot steamy sex will throw her off the edge).
  9. Your moans are like music to my ears.
  10. Take it like a good little slut (use this only if you know that she’s kinky and enjoys being called a slut in bed )
  11. Get on your knees.
  12. Now be a good girl and sit on my face.
  13. Your mind is as sexy as your body.
  14. Been hard all day cause I couldn’t get you off my mind.
  15. Just kissing you turns me on.
  16. Cleaned up my bedroom just so we could mess up sheets together πŸ˜‰
  17. I hope you like being carried around cause you won’t be able to walk after I’m done with you.
  18. I could do you all-day.
  19. You make me feel like I’m in a porno.
  20. I want our eyes to be locked when I go down on you.
  21. I’ll be thinking about this when I jerk off later.
  22. Made some dessert to eat off your body.
  23. Let me treat you like the dirty sexy, sultry woman you are.
  24. Do we need a glass of wine, or can I lick it off your body?
  25. I want to kiss every inch of your body.
  26. I love fucking you.
things to say in bed to turn her on 3

While these things to say in bed to turn her on could help you make it steamier, you must keep in mind that the words you say after a lovely round of coitus also affect your relationship with the woman you’ve just been with. You have to choose your words correctly cause often, even though told light-heartedly, these words might have adverse effects on the woman.

After whispering these sweet things in her ear during the act, if you let her dry by just thanking her after the coitus, she might feel a little sad and disrespected since to her, your remark will make her feel like you just used her for her body or that she did you a huge favor by letting you fuck her. Either way, no human wants to feel like a piece of meat or just a mere toy. What you tell her after sex also leaves a huge impact.

Now that you’ve mastered the things to say in bed to turn her on, time for you to learn what to and what not to tell her after a steamy hot sesh. Here are a few phrases that will leave her craving for more after sex:

things to say in bed to turn her on 4
  1. You make me feel soo good.
  2. Love how you make me cum.
  3. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
  4. I Forgot how good you make me feel.
  5. I wish we could do this every day.
  6. How are you soo cute and sexy at the same time.
  7. I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially obsessed with you.
  8. Can I keep you forever?
  9. You surely know how to fuck the stress out of me.
  10. I love you.
  11. Another round?
  12. Such a delightful way to end the day.
  13. You take my breath away.
  14. That was probably the best sex of my life.
  15. That was so incredible.

You might sometimes not have the right words to express your feelings to your partner. But there are few things that you must avoid saying at all costs! After the things to say in bed to turn her on works its magic, you have to let this magic linger in the air for some more time. Saying the wrong words after having an amazing time might even be heartbreaking and devastating for her.

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Here’s a list of phrases and things you must NEVER say to your partner after sex:

things to say in bed to turn her on 5
  1. Never bring up her family right after sex. Nobody wants to talk about their mom or dad immediately after having a steamy time.
  2. Well, that was something. Saying this will portray how bored the entire affair made you feel and is just straight-up distasteful.
  3. Are you booking a cab for yourself or should I? Trying to get her out of your hair asap is just rude and makes it seem like a one-night stand. Never do this if you plan on keeping her around or if she’s really important to you.
  4. LOL. Never laugh right after fucking. It will make them very insecure. You might not have enjoyed it even a bit, but there’s no need to be too honest.
  5. It might be a bit too late for this, but what was your name again?
  6. Congratulations, you now have herpes; even Though it may have been a really funny joke on the dictator, in real life, it’s something that you shouldn’t even think about telling your partner.
  7. I think the condom ripped. Shocking and could be somebody’s worst possible nightmare.
  8. You weren’t as good as I heard you were. Probably the most insulting thing anybody could hear after having sex.
  9. You looked better clothed. You should tell her this if you’re trying to offend her.
  10. This seemed so much better in my head.
  11. The boys are going to crack up when they hear about this.
  12. You almost killed me with all that weight.
  13. My ex made me cum more.
  14. It was your first time, wasn’t it.
  15. Guess you need to watch more porn.
  16. I think it’s better off we turn the lights off.
  17. Maybe you should cover your face.

Pretty sure you are wondering if it is worth having things to say to her in bed to turn her on when you could just stick your dick right in and be done with it. It’s not as complicated as you think it is. Just let loose and go with the flow. Reading this might have made you overthink the things to say to her in bed to turn her on a little.

But, these are just mere suggestions and not a must-follow rule. There are no universal rules as such when it comes to dirty talking since preferences vary from woman to woman. Some like being disrespected in bed; some don’t. It depends on the dynamic of your relationship, to be honest.

One of the many reasons why dirty talk is necessary is that it helps you understand one’s kinks better and also enlightens you about one’s freaky fetishes, if they have any. All of which you can use to your advantage when you’re involved in the act. Dirty talks pave the path for communication when you’re trying to heat things.

The two of you have to be in the loop with each other. Because if you tell her you want bad things to her and she expects you to do bad things to her emotionally, it would totally kill the vibe you’re trying to create. People are vulnerable while they are indulging in some dirty talk. You might often end up surprising yourself with the kind of words that come out of your mouth. Trust me; you’re going to feel like you’re in one of those steamy music videos in no time.

It is important to know the right things to say to her in bed to turn her on since everything begins in the brain. Her body only reacts to her mind. Once you are in her head, it won’t take you long to get into her pants. Several men will be surprised to know that dirty talk brings a huge surprise element to bed.

Dirty talk helps you express your little dirty thoughts to your partner. Learning about one’s dirty desires could be extremely surprising for the partner. Don’t be overwhelmed to get a few “Damn you’re naughty’s “during the shenanigan.
It can make sex more fun and even funny. Seriousness during dirty talk is infamous for being necessary; however, a little joking around could help you relax and have a good time.

The dirty talk could take your sex life to another level as it helps you assume roles and be your best devious self effortlessly. It unlocks a new level of intimacy between your partner where the two of you can be your nastiest self. You can use this time to explore each other’s fantasies and set boundaries. Setting boundaries is important as the two of you might not be into the same crazy shit unless you are soulmates, of course. Dirty talk is healthy as long as the two of you are comfortable with it. So don’t overthink and let Dirty talk work its magic.